LUMPS Zine was originally was first conceived in the Spring of 2014 by Victoria Perez-Segovia and Kristen Fidler who wanted to make a zine and fill it with drawings. Jillian Schumann, who was present during the conversation was volunteered by Victoria to a writer for the zine, to which she said, "MmKay." Zelda Galewsky was also invited to be a core member of the zine's creative team and was immediately on board. 

Since then, the members of the creative team has fluctuated. Zelda G. was moving up and being noticed in the world of illustration and got buried alive under a pile of work. Since LUMPS needs a member named Zelda in order to survive, we brought on board Zelda Vidal who has as much pep as she has talent.

Alejandra Dirzo is also a former member of the creative team who has moved on to other artistic endeavors.

The other currently active members aside from Victoria, Kristen, and Jillian, are Aixa Marin and Gabrielle Terbush. Both of whom bring a whopping load of talent, hard work, and good times to our tiny publication.