The kicking at my ribs lets me know that we are close. Heavy footsteps make their way back to the other side of the boat. I open my eyes to see the blinding sun reflecting off the water. Rough muted voices come from across the boat, most likely discussing my fate. Without fail I test my bindings, a habit I have yet to lose over the time I have been with them. I haven’t been told the reason for my abduction but here I am parting with my captors, a day full of fateful possibilities. The young boy that I have grown fond of is curled into my side. My overgrown hair is lying across his body.  Noticing the tears in the corners of his eyes I grab onto his hand and squeeze tight. I feel fumbling at my wrist and he is tying a frayed piece of rope to my wrist. The last bit of loyalty he will be able to show me. I have run out of tears for myself but I can’t help but cry when I think of leaving him with these people.

           One of the men comes towards us and breaks us apart. He starts to roughly take off the binding around my ankles. Another man comes up behind him and whispers in his ear. Everything starts to move very quickly and I am pushed to the other side of the boat. I look back at the boy and mouth a quick goodbye. Nobody talks to me directly but it seems like everyone is talking at once. I am lifted into someone’s arms and hung over the side of the boat. With a surprisingly sincere voice the man tells me good luck. Then I am dropped, suddenly submerged. I am suffocating on the water and my hair that is wrapped around my face. I start cupping my hands in attempt to cut through the current, but to no avail. I feel my body being pulled to the bottom.