It’s dark outside, light coming from within the faded red tents make them look like giant lanterns sitting upon the overgrown field. Many hours have passed since dusk. The final customers have all left. I’m guessing by this point my aunt and uncle have given up searching for me on the circus grounds. The last I heard my name being called was about a half hour ago. I get up from my hiding spot behind the animals’ tent. Sitting and waiting for this long has made me anxious. Blades of grass stick up my dress and tickle my knees.  I walk to the edge of the tent to see if there is any sign of the boy who promised to meet me here. This boy, the young horse trainer that is supposed to give me my chance to see all the animals up close, is sure taking his time. Suddenly I hear a sound behind me, then a tap on my shoulder. Before I can react, there is a hand around my mouth and on my shoulder. I am turned around and I see the persons face, it’s him. My tight chest starts to relax. I open my mouth to greet him but he motions for me to be quiet. Taking my hand, he starts pulling me around the tent to the entrance. We slip in and stop. Then it hits me like a wall and I feel heat radiating onto me instantly. I slowly move my gaze upwards and I am looking into the eyes of an elephant. Terrified and thrilled I stand still and look up into its mouth and trunk. I look over at the boy and he’s looking at me and smiling. His eyes narrow and he starts advancing towards me. From behind his back he pulls out a sharp metal pole. I start to scream but my voice gets lost in my throat. I’m choking with fright. The last thing I remember is a sharp warm pressure against my skull.