The chill in the air makes me rub my arms for heat. I’m standing on a normally busy intersection, but the street is deserted because it’s almost 3am. I am waiting for the crosswalk light to tell me I can go. I probably don’t have to wait but I’m too out of it to care. I look up to the light and see something I didn’t see before. There is a dark figure standing on the corner, looking in the opposite direction and from their body language I can tell they are confused. The light turns and I start walking towards the figure. I’m about five feet away when she turns towards me. Her big brown eyes are lit up from the streetlights, obviously searching for something. The bottom half of her face is covered by a mask. Her eyes meet mine and you don’t need to see her mouth to tell she is smiling. I unconsciously smile back. We stay that way for a few seconds. She breaks the eye contact and before I know it she walks the opposite direction leaving me alone once again.