Walking Down the city street listening to music the wind rushes by blowing your hair all around your face.

Lying down in the sand, sun beating down on your skin, wind brushing against you contrasting the heat.

Leaning over the railing on the pier watching the tide come in and the birds fight over their meal, the wind licks your skin like a gentle caress.

Standing in your bathroom, you open the window letting the breeze come in. It chills your skin that hasn’t been outside in days.

Sitting next to one of your favorite people in the world you roll down all the windows in the car and blast the music. The wind is overwhelming but you both have no care in the world in this moment.

Stepping out of your front door, you emerge from your self-inflicted hibernation, the cold air stings your skin and you immediately regret deciding to be productive.

You are standing on the edge of the platform when your train arrives. The paper that you have been gripping onto tightly slips through your hand and it flies through the air and down the platform. You chase it not expecting to catch it in the end. To your surprise at the end of the platform there it is in the hands of a warm smiling face.