CG2 Is here!

Hey there Readers,

This post is up later than I wanted it to. Anyway, I wanted to fill everyone in on the details for our table at CG2. LUMPS will have the following merchandise available at our table:

CG2 Exclusive issue - $6
Large LUMPS stickers - $5
Small LUMPS Stickers - $1
XSmall LUMPS Stickers - $0.50
"YUM" zine by LUMPS - $1
LUMPS CG2 cover Print 5"x7" - $10
LUMPS CG2 Cover Print 8.5"x11" - $15

We will have bundles available so that you can save money and buy extra merch! There will also be additional zines and prints for sale by Victoria Perez-Segovia and Zelda Vidal.

I will also update soon with some other very exciting news. 

That's all for now! I hope to you see you tomorrow at CG2!