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April Issue is ready!

Hello Reader!

This weekend was a busy one for the LUMPS team. We powered thru nearly a ream's worth of folding zines. However this means that the April issue of the zine will be available this Tuesday! You can find them at the following locations on the Columbia College Chicago campus:

623 S. Wabash - Lobby
916 S. Wabash - Lobby
1104 S. Wabash - 4th Floor

You can also find this issue at Harold Washington City College:

30 E. Lake - Second Level

I will also leave copies at Artist and Craftsman Supply:

828 S. Wabash

We are still accepting donations for the zine!  You will notice in the top navigation, I have added an acknowledgments page for those who have donated to LUMPS Zine. When you donate, your name will be added to the list!


Thank you,


Progress on the CG2 issue

Hello Readers!

I realized I mentioned our business cards in the title of the last entry and didn't say anything about them in the actual post. Whoops! It's designed with LUMPS information as well as empty space for each person on our Creative Team to fill out their own contact information. We will be using these at CG2.

These cards were printed through They have excellent service. We also ordered some stickers from them too.  So here are some snap shots of our new business cards! They also come in really nice and smooth storage boxes!

Next, I want to show you my completed cover for the CG2 issue. If you want to be able to see this image as well as the rest of the zine in color, please consider donating to LUMPS so that we can afford to print the issue in color. If you can't donate please send a link to someone who would be able to donate.

Because CG2 is focused on geek culture and fandoms, I have chosen to represent the Steven Universe fandom in my piece. I created a gemsona just for the LUMPS. If LUMPS was a crystal gems, she would be Tourmaline. Other fandoms will be represented in this issue. So look out for that. Also, we will be bringing back two of our previously featured artists for this issue, Becca Hallstedt and Kamilah Jones. We will also be featuring Kiara Griffin, who will be a first time feature for LUMPS.

Click on the image to see a full view!

One final point, please check out LUMPS Art in the navigation bar. I added all of our amazing art we've done in the past year. 

Don't forget, you can donate through Paypal by the clicking the yellow button on the right.

Have a wonderful Tuesday,


Merchandise and Business Cards!

Hello Readers,

I have some exciting news. Our 4" Weather proof vinyl stickers came in the mail today. The more merch we have ready, the easier it feels to be prepared by the time CG2 rolls around.  I have also finished the cover piece for our CG2 Special Issue, you can see the process work at my tumblr. Our stickers were printed through I will totally vouch for them. I am very happy with the quality of these stickers. Once are able to raise more money, I hope we can print more LUMPS stickers.

The stickers will be sold only at CG2 individually for $5. However, they will also be offered in a bundle with the CG2 Special Issue  for $6. The individual issue will be sold for $3. 

And don't forget! You can still donate to LUMPS Zine to help us out with printing costs! Just click on the donate button to the right. We only need to raise about $250 to be able to pay for our printing costs for CG2!

Stick around for more updates!