Merchandise and Business Cards!

Hello Readers,

I have some exciting news. Our 4" Weather proof vinyl stickers came in the mail today. The more merch we have ready, the easier it feels to be prepared by the time CG2 rolls around.  I have also finished the cover piece for our CG2 Special Issue, you can see the process work at my tumblr. Our stickers were printed through I will totally vouch for them. I am very happy with the quality of these stickers. Once are able to raise more money, I hope we can print more LUMPS stickers.

The stickers will be sold only at CG2 individually for $5. However, they will also be offered in a bundle with the CG2 Special Issue  for $6. The individual issue will be sold for $3. 

And don't forget! You can still donate to LUMPS Zine to help us out with printing costs! Just click on the donate button to the right. We only need to raise about $250 to be able to pay for our printing costs for CG2!

Stick around for more updates!