LUMPS Zine is first and foremost and feminist publication. Our mission is to exhibit and share the work of female illustrators hoping to find a voice in the field. Through our publication we hope to contribute to the broader dialogue of feminist topics in regard to the field of illustration and other closely related fields.


Year One

LUMPS is a simple zine with 8 pages of content (including front and back covers.). It is made with a 1-page zine fold, which means, each issue is one sheet of paper folded into 8 sections. It is printed in black and white on economic quality paper. The purpose of this is to be able to print as many issues as we can afford and get the art work to as many readers as possible. 

In each issue we select a theme and each member of our creative team creates a piece that follows that theme. We also feature a different artist(s) each month to showcase their work. The featured artists work is printed on the front cover of the zine as well as a 2-page spread in the middle of the book. This arrangement varies depending on how many artists are being featured.

As we come upon the end of our first year as a zine, we have planned for our second year. In our first year we featured mostly artists of all kinds. For our second year, however, we want to take our first step to becoming a feminist publication. We will change our format and release pattern, and feature only illustrators who identify as female.